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Brentwood For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Discount Realtor



Choose your service level. Save thousands either way.

The "Independent" is For Sale by Owner with help. The "Professional" is full service. 







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Maximum exposure, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, RE/Max, IDX and hundreds more!

2  Options, control, support 

We offer as much or as little help as you want. Check out our different packages and À la carte items. Our real estate expert is available when you need us.

3  Everything you need to sell

We provide you with the Brentwood purchase agreement, counters, addendum, mandatory disclosures. We even have a growing video tutorials on filling out the documents.  

4  No agent? No commission!

Unlike a traditional agent, If you find a buyer you retain the right to sell For Sale by Owner.    

5  Double Money Back Guarantee

While the vast majority of our clients end up selling their homes, occasionally the services of a traditional real estate broker are needed if a property is not able to sell through In those situations, we can offer you a referral to a top traditional broker in your town, and rebate you double your RobinHood Flat Fee listing fee (up to $949) when your property closes with that traditional broker acting as your agent. It’s what we call our “Double Money Back Guarantee.”




We are Proud of our 5 Star Reputation





About RobinHood Flat Fee

The founder of is a licensed Brentwood real estate broker and a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) operating out of the San Francisico Bay Area. Our team has closed over 800 Brentwood homes totaling around 1 billion dollars. We are not a referral network listing service like most of our competitors, we list and service 100% of our listings. We service sellers throughout Northern Brentwood who want to sell their home, investment properties or land without paying 5-6% commission to a traditional real estate agent. We are members of numerous MLS services throughout N. Brentwood and can provide Local MLS listings Access, Contract Review, Transaction Coordination, Marketing Tools, and Full Service Support.

We also have a home buyer rebate program where we credit buyers up to 75% of the commission back.


Times have changed.

The internet has fundamentally changed how people buy and sell their homes. In the good ol' days, the seller's agent was an important part of making sure your home was seen by potential buyers. Back then we created listing ads, distributed them to all the local papers, networked our listings what felt like 24/7, took phone calls day and night answering questions about our listings. It was a lot of work! I know, I spent 20 years as a top producing agent; 5 of those years as a top 100 agent Nationwide.


Realtors have lost their "Holy Grail"  

Now, listing sites like Zillow, Trulia and have given buyers easy access to information about every home on the market. In fact, almost 90% of today's homebuyers find their new homes using one of these sites. 

That's why RobinHood Flat Fee has created Full Service options and FSBO options all at a low flat fee and rebates buyers when they buy a home with us. It's not a discount, just a fairer way of doing business using today's technology.


Brentwood For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS listing.


Get more exposure and sell faster by advertising on your local Addison MLS and for a low flat fee! Don't pay high commissions for a traditional Realtor! List your Addison property in the same MLS that all real estate brokers use, for a one-time flat rate!


Don't pay high commissions!


When you list your home with RobinHood Flat Fee Realty, you receive the expertise of a full service real estate broker without the 5-6% commission. RobinHood is a full service licensed Brentwood real estate broker who doesn't charge traditional real estate fees. As a for sale by owner, Flat Fee broker, RobinHood Flat Fee Realty NEVER charges a selling commission.

We save you thousands of dollars without ever sacrificing on customer service. RobinHood Flat Fee Realty’s FSBO Flat Fee MLS listings give sellers the EXACT SAME internet exposure and service they would receive from a traditional listing! We handle the online advertising of your listing the same way a traditional broker would. Within 24-48 hours, your by owner flat fee MLS listing will be submitted onto the Realtor's MLS.

The Power of Attraction!!!

It's no secret that photos truly make the sale! That’s why we include up to 45 photographs in your for sale by owner Flat Rate Listing. Photographs capture the condition of your home and give prospective buyers a feel for your property, both inside and out.

Buyers often skip over property listings with insufficient photos. Sometimes it’s not about the photos you include, but it’s about the photos you omit. When sellers only provide a handful of photos in their MLS listing, buyers tend to be weary. The more photos you include with your real estate listing, the more attention your by owner Flat Fee MLS Listing will receive. Instead of giving buyers the wrong impression of your home, RobinHood Flat Fee Realty wants to showcase your home to attract qualified buyers.


Brentwood For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS… Take full control over the sale of your home!


RobinHood Flat Fee is less expensive than most print ads across the country. You need to get your Brentwood home on the MLS if you want ultimate exposure and a For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS listing is how you can get your property just that.


Brentwood By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing vs traditional break-down


Let's Break It Down

When sellers list with a traditional real estate broker, they agree to pay a commission at the close of the sale. Commission for the most part is around 5-6%. If your home has any equity (real money in your pocket), the listing broker's commission comes out of that.

On a $800,000 home, the traditional broker's fee is $40,000. In this scenario, 5% goes to the broker you listed with whom then pays out half to the buyer’s real estate agent.

Let’s take a moment to think about this. How do you think that agent and buyer found your property? Exactly, by searching on the MLS! Rarely do real estate agents drive around with buyers looking for properties. Real Estate agents always search the MLS when they are working with buyers. Why pay 5-6% commission to be on the exact same MLS? Save 2.5-3% and only pay a flat rate listing fee!

Now you see why our Brentwood For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS listings are becoming more and more the norm! Online real estate databases have made it easier for hardworking people to save and make money on their homes!


So why pay 6% commission to be on the exact same MLS? Save 3% and only pay a flat rate listing fee!!!


Now do you see why 'Flat Fee MLS' listing is becoming more and more popular each year? The Internet has made it easier for hard working people to save money and make money in America!!!


Brentwood For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS Discount Realtor!


Get more exposure and sell faster by advertising on your local MLS & for a low flat fee!!! Don't pay high commissions!!! List your Brentwood property by owner in the same MLS that all real estate brokers use, for a one-time flat rate!!!


Listing Syndication


By listing on your FSBO on the local MLS, your property will automatically appear on top real estate websites like®, Redfin, Yahoo, Trulia, Zillow, Century 21, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Prudential and every other realty website in town INCLUDING all the big real estate offices across the country. This provides your property the online exposure it needs!

The more exposure you get means the more buyers are looking at your property. This ultimately means more offers, and typically, a faster sale! With the right photos and price in your by owner flat rate MLS listing, your home is sure to sell.


Brentwood FSBO Discount Realtor



Need a little more help selling?


We realize that “For Sale By Owner” isn't for everyone. However, everyone should be entitled to save more of their hard-earned equity. Get the exact same full-service representation from contract to closing with RobinHood Flat Fee Realty! We are a full service, highly experienced and professional Brentwood discount Realtor service.

Our for sale by owner, Flat Fee Discount Real Estate program will handle the headaches involved in a real estate transaction for MUCH less than a traditional broker. With RobinHood Flat Fee Realty, you will get a full service real estate broker for a low, flat fee. Inquire about our For Sale by Owner Flat Fee Full Service listing option today!

No risk for a consultation. Get full service traditional real estate for a fraction of the price. RobinHood Flat Fee Realty is a top Brentwood discount real estate broker. You can't beat that. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation.




Get the exact same full service representation from contract to closing... Highly experienced and professional Brentwood discount realtor. No risk for a consultation. Get full service traditional real estate for a fraction of the price. Top Brentwood discount realtor. You can't beat that. Give us a call today for a FREE no pressure consultation.