What is the Maximum Amount of Photos


 There are over 700 MLS providers in the United States and they are not all operated the same. In some parts of the country the MLS limit the amount of photos to 24. Here in California, some of the boards allow 35 and others are up to 45. 

With our "Basic" Package we will upload a maximum of 20 photos (Provided by the seller) to the MLS and all the syndicated sites. Maximum allowed on the "Plus" Package (provided by seller), and the maximum amount allowed on the Premium (provided by seller) and Premium Plus (provided by RobinHood). 

Photos must not exceed 10MB and in JPG format. We Highly Recommend you either using our photography service or hire a professional photographer. Again, we include the photos in the Platinum Package only.

Here are a few photos of different homes we recently helped our clients with. 





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