How Long Is a Real Estate Listing Contract?

Most "Traditional" agents will want a listing contract for as long as possible because it protects them.

Here at RobinHood, you can cancel your contract with us anytime before accepting an offer and there is no additional charge to cancel. To help you, we have 2 month listing terms on our "Basic" Package, 6 months on the "Silver" and until it sells on the Gold and Platinum.

If for some reason you need to remove the listing for a short period of time, we have no problem doing that and re-listing when you are ready, so long as it is within the same contracted time period.

Per MLS Rules, if you need to remove the listing, make any changes to the listing or cancel it, IT MUST BE IN WRITING BEFORE WE CAN DO ANYTHING. Once you have signed up for one of our listing packages, you can instantly download a request to make changes anytime you need, 24/7.

 Heads Up

Traditional real estate listing contracts can last anywhere from 30-days to 1 year depending on the movement of the market and the location of the home. A cancelled contract may not always absolve the seller from paying the original brokerage a commission.

Furthermore, with a "Traditional Agent", if you find your own buyer you will still owe that agent a commission. Here at RobinHood you can sell FSBO and pay no buyer agent commission, as long as that buyer did not come from an agent who previously showed your home (per MLS Rules).