Times have changed.

The internet has fundamentally changed how people buy and sell their homes. In the good ol' days, the seller's agent was an important part of making sure your home was seen by potential buyers. Back then we created listing ads, distributed them to all the local papers, networked our listings what felt like 24/7, took phone calls day and night answering questions about our listings. It was a lot of work! I know, I spent 20 years as a top producing agent; 5 of those years as a top 100 agent Nationwide.


Realtors have lost their "Holy Grail"  

Now, listing sites like Zillow, Trulia and realtor.com have given buyers easy access to information about every home on the market. In fact, almost 90% of today's homebuyers find their new homes using one of these sites. 

That's why RobinHood Flat Fee has created Full Service options and FSBO options all at a low flat fee and rebates buyers when they buy a home with us. It's not a discount, just a fairer way of doing business using today's technology.


Complete the entire selling process on our transparent self-guided online platform. 

Step 1:   Get Started - Create an account, enter your address, property type, and tell us when you want your listing to go live. 

Step 2:   Set up Your Listing - Once you log on, you'll have access to your portal, there you will find our suggested 5 step task list. Schedule your photo shoot, request a yard sign, set your list price and more.                              

Step 3:   Go live - With the click of a button, we'll distribute your listing to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) where it can be found on every major real estate website like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, realtor.com and more.

Step 4:   Show Your Home - Agent showing request can be set up with our ShowingTime service where we coordinate and confirm appointments or you can have agents coordinate directly with you, whichever your prefer. Remember - RobinHood agents assist you remotely, so they don't come to your house for showings.

Step 5:   Review Your Offers - Review incoming offers and respond. We give you an easy to follow overview of your offer(s).

Step 6:  Attend Your Closing - Sold! we're here to provide as much or as little help you need. Once you've sold with RobinHood you will have saved thousands of dollars and have the satisfaction of completing a successful home sale. Congratulations! 


Give us a call (800) 831-1981. We are available 7 days a week!

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